This website is an expression of The Change I Want To See.

In it’s simplest form, that change is to learn from nature.

I believe the natural world is the greatest guide we have as to how we are supposed to live our lives.

It can show us how to make changes to live more natural lives. To live the lifestyles we have evolved to be living. This incorporates everything from showing us the benefits of eating real, organic food, to the need to move and be active, to the ability to identify patterns in our lifestyle, even down to the importance of creating less waste and playing a positive role in our environment.

It is all connected.

I hope by sharing The Change I Want To See two things will happen:

1. You will be inspired to look at the world in this way too 

2. You will ask yourself “What is the change I want to see?” and you will take action to make your change happen

 About me

My name is Josh.

I’m originally from England, but currently live in Vancouver, Canada.

This website started as way to keep me accountable to the changes I wanted to make in my own life. It   is a download of ideas about how I see things. While this keeps me busy, I try not to spend too much time at the computer. As part of my attempt to have a diverse range on income streams and a flexible schedule, I also work at an alternative education school for at-risk youth, and am self employed as an event manager for a series of charity challenges and community events.

I never used to think too much about my impact on the environment, I thought organic food was a waste of money, never knew how to grow my own food. I could see that there were a lot of problems in the world but I thought “why should I do my part if no one else is doing theirs?”

I’ve since realised that this view is misguided. We don’t need to make sacrifices in order to live responsibly, it is actually quite the opposite.

As I spent more time learning from nature; sleeping outside, exercising and moving, having adventures, being mindful, growing and eating organic, real food, and living a simpler, more natural life, I noticed I actually became happier and healthier.  I also realised that not only would the planet benefit from people adopting a similar approach but so would the individuals themselves.

I still have a lot to learn, and this idea, is like nature, ever changing and growing. But everyday I try to take a few more steps on my journey.

Josh Davis




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