The Change I Want To See

The Change I Want To See

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31 Nights Out

I was recently contacted to do an interview about an Instagram post I shared. In the post I'd explained how… Read More

Plastic bags
Don’t be a dick

Don't be a dick We know plastic bags are bad for the environment. We've known this for years. Nothing new here.… Read More

10 Use and Value diversity - Diversity needn't be solely in the way we view our garden design. It can be in all aspects of life too. Imagine if this garden represented the diversity of society
9 reasons why living sustainably is better for you

9 reasons why living sustainably is better for you With a seemingly endless stream of elections in recent months, we have… Read More

The importance of movement

Humans evolved to move. Somewhere along the way, we forgot about this. The majority of kids today are less active… Read More

Vancouver Mountain Film Festival
Vancouver Mountain Film Festival Partnership 2017

I am really excited to announce I am hosting another night at the Vancouver Mountain Film Festival (VIMFF) on Saturday February 11th. Tickets… Read More

5 steps to trying meditation for the first time

If you ask someone who has never meditated what they think about meditation they'll picture incense sticks, prayer flags, chanting vegans and… Read More