The Nature Experience


Having spent over 10 years working and playing in the outdoors I have seen how much people change and grow in natural environments.

I have also worked in offices, and business settings and noticed how different these two worlds can be. I want to facilitate outdoor adventures to give people new experiences, have a break from the modern world and get to connect with themselves and others in new ways. I have seen first hand how spending time outside, away from our usual environments and distractions helps us to gain clarity, reset, and get fresh perspective.  

Recent studies have backed this up further, movements such as Forest Bathing in Japan, and research found in the books The Nature Fix show that time spent outside is good for our health, immune systems, mental health, stress levels and even our creativity. Unfortunately, our busy schedules and city based lifestyles rarely allow us to experience these benefits. The aim of The Nature Experience is to change this.

I offer fully customisable outdoor adventures to do just that. Our team is a unique collaboration of coaching, permaculture, outdoor education, youth development and adventure industry expertise that creates truly unique programs people looking for something different.


We are able to accommodate both large and small budgets. Please Get in touch to find out how we can help your team.