The Nature Experience


We organise outdoor team building adventures to connect you to nature.

We offer a diverse range of options for organisations, universities and schools to fit your unique situation. Half day, full day or even overnight outdoor programs. 

Kayak. SUP. Hike. Cross Country Ski. Or simply host your next creative meeting in an outdoor environment. We provide all of the logistics and planning for your team so you can focus on enjoying the outdoors together.

We understand that no organisation is the same, so we offer fully customisable programs to match your teams needs. 



Having spent a lot of time working and playing in the outdoors we have seen how much people change and grow in natural environments.

We have also worked in offices, and business settings and noticed how different these two worlds can be. We want to facilitate outdoor adventures to give teams new experiences, have a break from the office and get to know each other in a very different environment. We have seen first hand how spending time together outside, away from our usual environments helps create long lasting, strong relationships and healthier team dynamics.

Recent studies have backed this up, movements such as Forest Bathing in Japan, and research found in the books The Nature Fix show that time spent outside is good for our health, immune systems, mental health, stress levels and even our creativity. Which are all important to any well functioning team or business. But due to our busy schedules and city based businesses we are rarely tapping into these benefits. The aim of the nature experience is to show you these benefits and give your team the chance to see how both they and their colleagues change in this environment.

We offer fully customisable outdoor adventures to do just that. Our team is a unique collaboration of coaching, permaculture, outdoor education, youth development and adventure industry expertise that creates truly unique programs for forward thinking organisations.


We are able to accommodate both large and small budgets. Please Get in touch to find out how we can help your team.