The Nature Experience

Our society spends more time inside than at any other time in human history. For a growing amount of people our time outside is spent while commuting to and from our offices or on weekends.

We have disconnected from the natural world.

Recent studies have shown the benefits that can be gained from time spent in natural environments, reduced stress, improved creativity, better sleep, healthier immune systems. We are only just starting to understand the importance of time spent outside.

The aim of the Nature Experience is to get people outside and connect them to nature.

We provide outdoor team building experiences so teams can get into nature, overcome challenges together, and get creative in new environments.

What it looks like

We take your team into nature and let nature do the rest, well almost. Think of it as outdoor team building. It might be a relaxing hike or strenuous canoe to a beautiful setting, once there we can create space to have meaningful discussions away from the distractions of the office. We can facilitate conversations and activities to tie in with projects you are working on, or you can just enjoy spending time outside with your team.

We combine the worlds of outdoor education and team building with that of sustainability and permaculture to connect people to the natural world.



We are able to accommodate both large and small budgets. Please Get in touch to find out how we can help your team.