The Change Chats Grant

The grant is for any grassroots project that needs a little financial help.

The money was raised from the proceeds of The Change Chats Vancouver and the support of:

Arran Stephens – Co-Founder, Nature’s Path Foods

Felix Böck – Founder, Chop Value

Rene Gauthier – Co-Founder, Sitka

Slava Goloubov –

Marc Schutzbank – Founder & Director, Fresh Roots

and sponsored by:


Onsight Equipment

The Criteria

The money is for anyone. However you must meet the following requirements:

Create positive change

The money must be for creating positive change in some form. Doesn't matter how.

Can't be spent on salary or wages

The money must be spent on getting the project going but can't be spent to pay you to do the work.

Otherwise it can be spent however you choose, buying supplies/materials, rent a space, buy food, random acts of kindness etc. You decide.

Must be based near Vancouver

While the money can be spent abroad you should be based in or near Vancouver. This reason for this is because you will be invited to come and talk about how you spent the money at the next Change Chats.

You will have to report back 

If you win money from the grant all I ask is that you report back on how the money was spent in a blog or similar and also by talking at a future Change Chats event.

How To Apply

The total amount of the grant is $506.33

The closing  date for applications is 17th September 2017

If you're feeling really generous and would like to add to this you can still send in donations here. Everything you donate will go towards the grant.

It's not a lot of money, but as one of the speakers, Marc Schutzbank, said,"You plant a tiny seed, you nurture it and something so much bigger can grow". So, let's see what we can grow from this small seed.

To apply please fill out this short application form. Myself and a few people involved with The Change Chats will pick the winner or winners.

Good Luck