Arran Stephens - Changing the food industry

Arran Stephens Change Chats

Arran Stephens - Co-Founder, Nature's Path Foods

Changing how we think about food. For the last 50 years, Arran has been educating the world on the importance of organic food – before anyone knew what organic was. Using his father’s mantra of “always leaving the earth better than we found it,” to inspire and motivate his work, Arran has nurtured and grown Nature’s Path Foods into the world’s largest organic cereal and snack food provider.


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Marc Schutzbank - Changing how we grow food

Marc Schutzbank

Marc Schutzbank - Founder, Fresh Roots Farm

Marc Schutzbank is the executive director and founder of Fresh Roots.  Marc hails from the United States, coming to Vancouver as a Fulbright Scholar. Marc and Fresh Roots has been awarded BC Business’ 30 Under 30 and the BC Social Innovation Youth Award. Fresh Roots envisions a world of Good Food For All, where everyone has access to healthy land food and community. We do that by cultivating educational gardens and programs that catalyze healthy eating, ecological stewardship, and community celebration.

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Below are the slides from Marc's Chat.