Permaculture for Schools

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Permaculture is an innovative framework for creating sustainable systems. It is the philosophy of working with rather than against nature.  

Students often voice a level of anxiety and stress caused by concerns about the environmental crisis they are inheriting. These workshops empower students to feel positive and take action.

This could be helping them identify ways to make their school more sustainable, how they can become more active and healthier, to learning how to grow their own food. Permaculture is applicable in a diverse range of situations.

School programs

1 hour Permaculture Lessons

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I offer full 1 hour lessons for students K-12.

This will be an interactive, outdoor (if you have the facilities), active participation lesson. Students will learn the basics of permaculture and find some key takeaways for how they could apply it at school.

The lesson will finish with students creating a large mind map of all the ways they could apply Permaculture at school.

This is designed so students can be given marks for participation and for the final mind map they create.

Prices from $100

Plastic waste talks

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20 minute full assembly talk about our plastic problem and how students can help solve it.

The talk focuses on the problems we face and simple solutions I have seen both from travels around the world and here in Canada. The talk culminates in setting the students a challenge to do something about the waste they create.

#dontbeawaster challenge

Students will be challenged to put all the waste they create in a jar and see how long they can go before the jar needs emptying.

Prices from $100

Longer workshops


I also offer half or full day workshops where we can get much more in-depth about Permaculture and sustainability. These can be at the school or ideally offsite as a fun day out of school. This is a great option for sustainability councils, high school or university students, or those already focused on sustainability focused courses.

These workshops focus on:

  • Creating a student led sustainability council

  • Waste management and recycling

  • Simple sustainability steps

  • Energy reduction and renewable energy

  • Community volunteering

  • Permaculture life design

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Build your own Food Forest

photo by RainWalk Design

photo by RainWalk Design

For schools wanting to teach students about where their food comes from, what better way than have students grow their own.

One of the biggest problems facing schools and growing food is that the Summer holidays fall right when it gets exciting and all the food is ready for harvest. It also means no-one is around to water and maintain the plants in the driest season.

A permaculture food forest solves this problem.

A food forest looks to mimic our natural forests, we grow perennial plants that come back yer after year, we select plants that ripen during term times, and we design a system that means less maintenance too.

This forest will get healthier as time goes on and is a great project for multiple generations of students to contribute to. It will be a great place for them to study a developing ecosystem as part of other classes too.

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"Having Josh come to my class to talk about permaculture was a rewarding and informative experience. His teachings are sound and it provided us with a great base to start our garden project. I'll be inviting him back for future lessons to help further develop our grounds into an ecologically in-tune, food-producing area"

Mr Logan, Coast Mountain Academy, Squamish

"It was so great having Josh facilitate an Introduction to Permaculture workshop for our group of educators and families. Josh's passion for permaculture was contagious. He offered a variety of engaging activities for the different ages in our group; was flexible and fun. I look forward to working with Josh again!"

Bonnie Davison, Founder, Victoria Nature School Society

“Josh was key in helping the sustainability mindset grow at the International School of Manila.

Josh was also able to work with both the school Ocean ActivISM club and the Sustainability Council at ISM, examining existing practices and implementing new ideas in order to reduce both plastic waste and save the school money. Many of his ideas are going to be introduced to students as part of the school wide sustainability goals for 2019. Josh is clearly very passionate about sustainability in his life and his local community and the photos and stories he told to the students were very inspiring. He would be a huge asset supporting any schools sustainability program and we are hoping he returns to ISM in the near future.”

Mr Doble, International School of Manila