Permaculture design for businesses

Everything in nature is sustainable, closed loop, circular. Everything is part of the bigger picture, one organism providing food for another, nothing goes to waste, everything is useful and used.

Permaculture allows us to understand and learn from this perfectly designed system. To understand it and replicate it in our own designs.

This could be creating a zero waste business, using renewable energy, compostable packaging, sourcing suppliers locally, having diverse income streams, reusing materials, flexible hours, health packages for staff. The list goes on. We can look at the bigger picture and look at ways to tie everything together to create a truly sustainable, resilient, closed loop business.

how DOes it work?

I offer workshops that look at the ways you can use the principles of permaculture to redesign elements of your business.

This can be in the form of a 1 hour lunch and learn, or longer workshops for a specific team to focus on one part of your business. It is a fun and interactive workshop to get people thinking in a new way and leave you with key takeaways of how you could apply this philosophy to aspects of your business.

the Workshops

Permaculture workshop

permaculture Lunch and learn

A lunch and learn for staff to come and find out what permaculture is and how it could apply to your business and/or their own lives. 

This one hour workshop is interactive and involves staff participation. Together we will learn the philosophy of permaculture and facilitate sessions for staff to identify small, simple changes they can make to implement permaculture into the organisation or their own lives.

Prices from $500


Permaculture Workshop

A more in-depth workshop for specific teams within the organisation. We will build upon the lunch and learn 1 hour and go much deeper.

The workshop will teach you the 12 principles of permaculture and then will look at each one to see how it can apply to you unique business.

This could be changing your packaging, looking at suppliers, encouraging cycling to work, diversifying your customers, communication within the office, staff social time, the session will be guided by your unique business and the problems you are trying to address. No workshop is the same as no business is the same.

Prices from $1000