Permaculture is a practical way of learning from the natural world and using what we learn to design truly sustainable, productive and harmonious systems. 

It was initially created to design natural landscapes but, like the natural world it replicates, has now evolved into a much broader system.

All of today’s popular sustainability concepts; zero waste, circular economy, closed loop, renewable energy, barefoot shoes, etc. can be tied back to a permaculture designed system.

Whether you are looking to grow your own food, become more sustainable, become fitter and healthier, use less energy, spend more time outside, the permaculture design process can help guide you in the right direction.

Below are a number of ways I have been using and applying Permaculture.

Permaculture Design

permaculture Life Design

Humans are as much part of the natural ecosystem as any other species. Yet we have distanced ourselves from nature. Creating a them and us approach to the natural world.

How can we rectify this? 

Using permaculture we can learn how to design more natural lifestyles.

Permaculture for Business

Businesses are waking up to the need to be more sustainable, and reduce their impact. 

Permaculture goes further than sustainability. It focuses on full systems design. How all aspects of your business work together to not just become more sustainable but more efficient,  more resilient, and more diverse.

Consultation and workshops for organisations.




Permaculture for schools

Workshops focused on Permaculture and topics related to learning from the natural world. 

Workshops are facilitated by both myself and a wide range of people I respect in the community.