Ian Black

What change would you like to make?


Ever since arriving in Vancouver 6 months ago, I have been overwhelmed by the number of homeless people out on the streets. I constantly ask myself how all these people ended up this way, yet at the same time find myself avoiding them.
I want to better understand the homelessness problem within Vancouver, break down some of my own mental barriers and prejudices, and share these people's stories with a wider audience.

My plan would be to split the money into 5 even buckets. I would then reach out to 5 homeless people on the street, ask them if they would be open to talking briefly on their experience, and being photographed. I will have a loose script to guide the chat, so there is some consistency of topics covered, but also be flexible to listen to individual stories as they arise. I would conclude the interviews by asking how they would spend $100 to improve their day to day life (or their friends if part of a community of some sort).

Within reason (no drugs), I would then purchase the items for them.

The content from the interviews and photography would be written up as a blog posts, per person, and shared online as stories for others to read.

I hope to gain and share insights into the situations of these people, as well as what is most valuable to improving their situations on a day to day scale.


How would you spend the money? Please give an approximate breakdown:
Each interviewee would be responsible for choosing how their bucket on money is spent to better improving their lives.

Tell me a little about yourself:
I'm a designer from London, who recently moved to Vancouver in search of adventure. I have a passion for photography and writing which I'd like to develop in a way that's positive and meaningful.

Additional info, links to projects, social media etc: