Nature Experience For schools

We offer two types of experience:

  1. We take you outside into nature

  2. We bring nature to you

    See below for more information on each option.

Bring you to nature - outdoor team building

We offer a range of outdoor programs for schools. From adventure experiences to those focused more on youth development, leadership and games and activities.

We believe spending time outside improves our health, creativity and overall well-being. And these studies found that to be the case too. We also believe that students spend too much time in classrooms and not enough time outside.

Our team has worked in outdoor education for many years and have seen how students change when outside the classroom. It is something we want to give the opportunity for every student to experience more often.

It is also a great way to get to know each other away from phones and social media. A great way for youth to face real life challenges and feel a sense of achievement when they accomplish them.

We can have the outdoor experiences focus on any topic your students are focusing on and build activities and games to learn in a n experiential way.

Bring Nature To You - Permaculture and Sustainability Workshops

Fun, interactive workshops to introduce students to permaculture and help them identify simple ways to become more sustainable.

Permaculture is a whole systems way of thinking. A practical way of observing the natural world and trying to use what we learn. It can help us design landscapes, communities, cities, or even classrooms in an efficient and sustainable way.

We offer workshops that explain permaculture in a relatable way and help students get creative with how they could apply it. From making the school more sustainable to redesigning their classroom or even the whole school.

We offer a wide range of options some of which are listed below.

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