Nature Experience For Organisations

We offer two types of experience:

  1. We take you outside into nature

  2. We bring nature to you

    See below for more information on each option.

Bring you to nature - outdoor team building

We offer a range of outdoor team building days. From pure adventure experiences to those focused more on mindfulness, deep discussions, and creativity.

We believe spending time outside improves our health, creativity and overall well-being. And these studies found that to be the case too. We also believe this is something lacking from the modern office job and we want to change that.

Before the day begins we will meet with your team to discuss what you are looking to get from the day. Everything in nature is unique and your company is no different, we want to find what the right fit is for your team.

This might be a fun, challenging hike, sea kayak or maybe a paddle board with your team to a secluded spot for lunch.

We can also combine one of those with space for discussions about projects, strategic planning, and facilitate a unique environment to allow your team to get creative in a totally different environment to the office.

Bring Nature To You - Permaculture and Sustainability Workshops

Fun, interactive workshops to have you thinking outside the box and looking at how the natural world could help you identify simple ways to become more sustainable.

Permaculture is a practical way of learning the secrets of the natural world and using them to create truly sustainable, productive and harmonious systems. 

It was initially created to design natural landscapes but has now evolved into a much broader system that can be used by anyone, anywhere. 

We offer workshops that look at the ways you can use nature’s rules to design truly sustainable, ethical, and resilient businesses and teams.

This can be ideal for a lunch and learn, specific for teams or a company wide garden installation project at your office.

We offer a wide range of options some of which are listed below.

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