Bring Nature To You - Permaculture and Sustainability workshops

Fun, interactive workshops to have you thinking outside the box and looking at how the natural world could help you identify simple ways to become more sustainable.

What is Permaculture?

12 Permaculture Principles

12 Permaculture Principles

Permaculture is a practical way of learning the secrets of the natural world and using them to create truly sustainable, productive and harmonious systems. 

It was initially created to design natural landscapes but has now evolved into a much broader system that can be used by anyone, anywhere. 

We offer workshops that look at the ways you can use nature’s rules to design truly sustainable, ethical, and resilient businesses and teams.



There is a growing demand for companies to be more responsible, ethical and sustainable.

Permaculture looks at sustainability through nature’s eyes. It is a whole systems design way of thinking.

From your waste, to the lifestyles of your staff, to your income streams, to your interaction with the community. Every aspect can be influenced and designed to be more resilient, efficient and abundant.

The workshop helps you identify small, simple ways you can learn from nature to become more sustainable in a sustainable way. It can be offered as a lunch and learn or focused on teams within your company.

It is suited to all organisations; from those new to sustainability, to those where it is embedded in their identity.


Grow your own

What better way to connect your staff with nature and create a more relaxing place to work than bringing nature to the office.

We can design and build a Permaculture garden at your place of work to provide food for staff lunch, create habitat for wildlife, pollinator attracting plants to help the local bees, or just a nice place for meetings when the weather is good.

We can facilitate a day where your team get their hands dirty with the project or they keep their hands clean and we do the work for you. You decide.

We acknowledge that every organisation is unique and we want to create a unique experience for your team.

Get in touch and we can help create the right Nature Experience for you and your team.