Healthy eating

Healthy eating is simple


A couple of years ago buying healthy food was easy. I ate five fresh fruit and veg a day, watched my red meat intake, chose whole grains over white wheat, and often purchased products with the words "natural", "low fat", or "healthy" on the box. I purchased my food from the trusted, proper, supermarkets and was doing everything the "experts" told me to. Piece of piss this healthy living. But recently that has all changed. What happened to my easy healthy living? I now hear about pesticides, growth hormones and Genetically Modified foods, why can't all food just go back to being good for me? When did "Natural" become "definitely not natural", "low fat" mean "replaced with something dodgy" and "healthy" wait...surely all food is healthy!?

"Healthy" salad greens in the supermarket

There is so much confusion around it all, perhaps I can simply follow a nice structured diet plan? Dukan, Paleo, Atkins, 5:2, Akaline, Cambridge....forget it... who has time to figure all that out? It's enough to throw in the towel and just hope pot noodles won't kill me too painfully. Unfortunately, the only ones who pay a price for avoiding the topic is ourselves. Bad food = bad health.

organic fresh grown salad from the CSA

But it's not all doom and gloom. Turns out the answer to eating healthy food is actually the simplest option of the lot. No counting calories, no eating after a set time, no avoiding carbs or only eating carbs. Just eat real food. Organic, fresh, in-season and not processed. Real food that grows in the ground and isn't "extracted" or "added" or "enhanced". The fewer middlemen in-between you and the farmer the better. You don't have to stop eating meat but it probably wouldn't hurt to only eat organic, ethically sourced meat once or twice a week instead.

You don't need to do it everyday but if you want to eat healthier you should probably start someday.