You don't need to wait for an election to vote


Elections. That amazingly democratic time that comes around every four years or so and gives us, the people, a chance to have our voices heard, to show the elite that we are in charge and to bring about the changes we want to see. All great and valid points as to why we should vote, except, four years is a long time to wait to have your voice heard. Why wait when you have the ability to vote with your actions and your money every single day. If you get angry about oil spills, use less fuel.

If you disagree with the amount of plastic polluting the planet, reduce your plastic consumption.

If deforestation makes you sad, be careful where your wood, palm oil, meat or soya are sourced.

If water shortages and droughts keep you up at night, use less water.

If corporate tax dodging seems unfair, give your money to small, independent, local businesses instead.

If you are concerned about the dwindling fish numbers, eat responsibly sourced fish (or none at all).

If the banking industry seems corrupt, where are your savings?

If Genetically Modified foods make you nervous, buy organic.

If the exploitation of miners across the world seems unjust, consider where your electronics and jewellery  come from?

If child labour seems cruel, don't buy cheap clothes.

There are a lot of problems in the world and if we continue to support them with our actions and money they will continue to be problems. Vote everyday and we can start to see real change.