create change and learn from nature

The Change I Want To See is a collaboration of ideas focused on learning from the natural world and creating positive change. 

It is run by Josh Davis.

the change chats

There is a growing community of people passionate about creating change. 

The Change Chats is for them. 

A place to hear inspiring talks from people creating change, to inspire people to create change.

A time to be offline, to interact with people face to face, to build a tribe of people doing things differently and engage in good chats.

The events are currently run in and around Vancouver, Canada.

The nature experience

The Nature Experience is for forward thinking organisations looking to engage their employees and become more sustainable. 

It combines the worlds of outdoor education, and team building with sustainability, and permaculture.

It is a way to bring teams together in new environments, and help promote the idea of learning from the natural world.

It is a collaboration with like minded people who share this belief.

PermaculturE Design

This area focuses specifically on the permaculture work I, Josh Davis, am doing in the community.

It focuses on Permaculture Life Design, Land Design, Business Design and Workshops I put on with others for members of the public. 

To read more about me click here.

Please get in touch if you wish to collaborate on any projects.