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My name is Josh Davis. I am an environmentalist, writer, facilitator, outdoor educator, and event organiser. I am from England but live on Vancouver Island, Canada.

I am a certified Permaculture designer and teacher which influences a lot of what you will see on here.

I have a growing belief that the natural world has the solutions to the environmental and health crisis we are facing.

Leading movements, in a range of fields, around the world are proving that doing things the natural way is the most effective, efficient and healthiest for both ourselves and the environment.

#Permaculture #MovementCulture #Biomimicry #BarefootRunning #ZeroWaste #Microadventure. #Environmentalism #Sustainability #Rewilding #Foraging #Minimalism #EatingSeasonally. The one thing all of these ideas and movements have in common is they are all are guided by doing things the natural way.

This website is my exploration into finding ways I can learn to live more naturally.


The Projects

This is a list of projects I work on throughout the year. I am always looking to collaborate on projects so get in touch if you would like to work together.


the change chats

There is a growing community of people passionate about creating change. 

The Change Chats is for them. 

A place to hear inspiring talks from people creating change, to inspire people to create change.

A time to be offline, to interact with people face to face, to build a tribe of people doing things differently.

The events are currently run in and around Vancouver, Canada.

The nature experience

Having spent years working with at risk youth in the outdoors I have seen first hand how taking people into the outdoors changes them.

Recent studies have proven that spending time outside helps boost our health, immune systems and also our creativity.

I believe that in the modern work environment we spend too much time inside and want to offer an alternative.

The Nature Experience offers outdoor team building days for organisations. Hiking, paddling, having good conversation. It combines my background in outdoor education, team building and event management with sustainability, and permaculture to give your team the chance to spend time together in a new environment.

PermaculturE Design

This area focuses specifically on the permaculture work I am doing in the community.

It focuses on Permaculture Life Design articles, Land Design, Business Design and Workshops I put on with others for schools, organisations and members of the public.


This is where I explore and write about ways I am learning from the natural world to be more sustainable and healthier.


Get in touch if you want to collaborate on any projects