Humans have never spent more time inside as we do today. We have disconnected from the natural world.

The way we eat, sleep, work, interact, exercise, every part of our lives has been affected by modern technology and is different to how our ancestors lived.

While there are benefits to this, there are also many negatives.

Stress, disease, obesity, mental health, and environmental problems are all on the rise.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”

Bill Mollison

I believe the solutions lie in nature.

I am interested in exploring how we can reconnect with the natural world. How we can become part of our ecosystem once again.

How we can relearn to live naturally.

Permaculture. Movement. Adventure. Sustainability. 

The Change I Want To See is the Josh Davis. You can read more about me here

Learn from nature journal

Articles exploring ways we can live a little more naturally

The Projects

The CHaNge Chats

Inspiring stories of people creating change, to inspire people to create change.

The Nature Experience

Outdoor team building programs and sustainability workshops.

Permaculture design 

Permaculture design projects I am working on for businesses, schools and individuals.