Inspiring talks from people creating change, to inspire people to create change


29th July 5:00pm – 8:00pm @ Lost and Found Cafe, Vancouver

Tickets are by donation but ARE LIMITED


The Change I Want To See Chats

A fundraising night where speakers tell their stories of how and why they are creating positive change. Get inspired, meet new people and raise money to help someone else create change.

July 29th Speakers:

1.  Arran Stephens – Co-Founder, Nature’s Path Foods

Changing the Food Industry. Entrepreneur, artist, writer, ecology advocate, gardener, volunteer and meditation practitioner, Arran Stephens has passionately followed the beat of a distant drummer for seven decades. Born and raised on his family’s farm on Vancouver Island, Arran learned a valuable lesson from his dad: “Always leave the soil better than you found it.” Leaving the Earth better became Arran’s driving ethos –from opening a successful vegetarian restaurant in 1967 to providing wholesome food in what was then a real food desert by creating Lifestream, Canada’s first natural foods supermarket (1971-1981). Arran and Ratana, his wife and partner of 45 years, share a profound commitment to organic agriculture, people and health. Together, from humble roots, they established Nature’s Path Foods in 1985, built on a foundation of social responsibility, sustainability and financial viability.

2. Felix Böck – Founder, Chop Value

unnamedChanging how we use waste. Felix is the Founder of ChopValue, a local product development and design startup that recycles bamboo chopsticks for value added materials working towards the potential and significance of a circular economy.




3. Adam Corneil – Founder, Naturally Crafted

Adam CorneilAdam is seeking to change the way we construct our buildings as well as what happens to them at the end of their life. His ultimate goal is to build prefabricated Passive House buildings and components built mostly from salvaged and remanufactured materials. At the same time, he wants to eradicate demolition by showing deconstruction is the only sensible process when a building is at the end of its life.



4. Slava Goloubov –

Slava GoloubovChanging how we inhabit our bodies by how we move. Slava wants to see change in not just the wellness/fitness industries, but in the lifestyles of the general populous. He has been a full-time researcher, student, & teacher of movement 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the last 5 years. Logging thousands of hours in myriad modalities of movement, Slava is set on offering solutions to anyone with a body for living a more capable, connected life in the modern-day world.


Each talk will be limited to 20 minutes.  After the talks you will be invited to grab a drink and some food, meet the speakers, and chat with other like minded people in the community who are passionate about creating positive change. You may even meet the person who can help you get your project off the ground.

The money raised from the tickets will form a local grant. Anyone who attends the night can apply for the grant and put the money towards starting their own change project. They will then be invited to a future talk to share their story.

Tickets are by donation but ARE LIMITED