The Change I Want To See offer a series of workshops and programs for both high school and university students, as well as ethical and sustainably minded businesses.  I work with a number of friends in various fields to develop and deliver these programs.

School/University Programs and Workshops
Coast Mountain Academy Learning about permaculture
Coast Mountain Academy, Squamish learning about permaculture and growing their own food

The programs can be customised to suit your curriculum requirements. They consist of a talk and exercises and games for students to complete. Students can be marked based on participation and outcome to give marks towards different subjects if required.  Programs are usually an hour to fit usual class lengths. Topics can be on any blog post on the website, popular topics include:

  • Permaculture & SustainabilityHow permaculture is the future of sustainability.
  • Learn from natureWhat can be gained from living a life more connected to nature.
  • Zero Waste – Help your classroom or school switch to Zero Waste.
  • MovementRun a movement class at your school.
  • Meditation – A guided session for first time students and steps for you to continue this after the workshop.


“Having Josh come to my class to talk about permaculture was a rewarding and informative experience for my students. His teachings are sound and it provided us with a great base to start our garden project. I’ll be inviting him back for future lessons to help further develop our grounds into an ecologically in-tune, food-producing area”  Mr Logan, Coast Mountain Academy, Squamish
Business Programs

Workshops and programs for corporations and businesses are usually customised to suite the individual needs of the business.  These are run by both myself and a Certified Executive Coach. For more information about these programs please get in touch.

Nature immersion

All of the above can also be put together into a much larger, full or multi day program. These are a great way to educate and open discussions about sustainability while also having a unique outdoor experience. These are available at a number of outdoor locations around BC.