Design your life with Permaculture

The full, 12 principle, guide as written for the Permaculture Magazine

January is often a time for resolutions, change, or as Permaculturists like to call it “redesign”. Using the end of the calendar year as a chance to push the reset button. A time to start again and implement the changes we wish to see in our lives. Often these well meaning plans and ideas show initial promise but are eventually overgrown, and overshadowed by our hectic lives. Permaculture has taught us so much about implementing efficient and sustainable changes to our landscape so what can it teach us about implementing efficient and sustainable changes to our lifestyle?

Rather than attempting to create a lifestyle we think we want, the permaculture approach is to observe the natural way we should be living and create that instead. Designing like this takes the least path of resistance, reduces the amount of energy needed, increases efficiency, and ultimately creates a healthier and happier ecosystem for us all.

This guide uses the 12 Permaculture Principles as a framework to help us design natural lifestyle changes. These can be implemented at the start of the year or for a slower approach broken down into one principle per month over the full year. Find out what works best for you and take action.

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