Changemaker – Boyan Slat

Warning: If you are over 18 years old this video could lead you to severely question whether you should have achieved more as a teenager.  

Fortunately, for our self esteem at least, teenagers like Boyan Slat are few and far between. Aged 18, Boyan became aware that there was a serious problem with the amount of plastics in our oceans. Rather than simply try to reduce his own waste, he decided instead to look at a way of cleaning it up, all of it.

This video gives a great insight into the problems we have created in our reliance on plastic but also, as with most things, it offers a relatively simple solution to solve it. While we don’t all have the vision, expertise or even time to create such solutions in the same way as Boyan we can all help to tackle this problem that we all share. By reducing the amount of plastic we use, both recycled and single use, less plastic needs to be cleaned up. It really is that simple.

“I think that we can do it, the question is are we fast enough? As far as we know, we are the only planet where there is confirmed life so…we better not fuck it up” 


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