Sometimes staying calm and positive can create change, sometimes getting angry and breaking stuff can create change. Some people will be inspired to change by seeing the amazing work of others, some people will be inspired to change by seeing the damage caused by others.

While this website mostly tries to keep to the positive message of change. Every now and again you need to throw a little fuel on the fire to remind ourselves why change is needed.

I will be alternating each week between a story about people who are creating positive change, Changemakers, and a story to light that inner fire that inspires you to take action, Fuel for the Fire.

Fuel for the Fire 1 – Xboundary

Ryan Peterson’s film, Xboundary, explores the large-scale open-pit mining boom currently underway in northwest British Columbia, Canada. The size and location of the mines–at the headwaters of major salmon rivers that flow across the border into Alaska–has Alaskans concerned over risks posed to their $2b fishing and tourism industries and unique way of life. These concerns were heightened with the Aug 4, 2014 catastrophic tailings dam failure at nearby Mt. Polley Mine in the Fraser River watershed.

Take action to help protect our rivers, jobs, and way of life, at

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